Ole Gabriel Kverneland, son of a farmer, set up his small factory in 1879. The factory has evolved into a modern international industrial enterprise, today known as Kverneland Group . In order to catch up with the development of a modern industrial business a small factory needed to develop production technology in a way that enable faster and more cost efficient production. Due to this fact Tooling Department was established in an early stage of the development.

In 1998 the Tooling Department was sold to Trio Group and the name changed to Tritec AS.

In 2000 Bjørn Kverneland established Norsco which purpose was to utilize the possibility of lower-cost production the new Europe gave Baltic countries.

In 2003 Bjørn Kverneland took over Tritec AS from Trio Group and formed the Tritec Group. The polish tool producer Plastform and Tooling Department of the Nowegian lighting producer Glamox was also taken over and became part of the Group.

Tritec started to develop in direction of making machines based on knowledge of engineering and high quality steel fabrication. The main purpose of the change was to enable the Group to enter the offshore market.

In 2007 Tritec purchased 13 600 m2 industrial land in Special Economic Zone in Slupsk. The plan for building a new and modern factory in Poland was launched. In 2008 Norwegian company BSH was purchased to be able to enter the offshore market in a more solid way.

The recession in 2009 hit the company very hard and 60% of the turnover was lost. In 2010 was taken the decision to stop all production in Norway and concentrate on development of new factory in Poland.  Tritec Molde was sold in 2011 to Norwegian company Axtech. In 2013 was taken the decision to close finally the Tritec production in Norway. Tritec Engineering Sp. z o. o. was established in Poland in 2013.

We started building the new factory in Poland in 2013 to complete it in 2014. Tritec Production in Norway was finally closed in 2014 and head office in Norway was moved to business centre Forum Jæren in Bryne Norway.


Bjorn Kverneland

CEO/Owner Tritec Group AS

+47 90 79 97 27

Tritec Group AS
Street address:
Hetlandsgata 9, 7 etg, 4349 Bryne
Postal address:
Postboks 175, 4349 Bryne
Phone: 00 47 404 044 44

Tritec Production Sp. z o.o.
ul.Przemysłowa 5
76-200 Redzikowo
Tel. 00 48 598 414 524


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