The machining on offer includes small and bulk size turning of shafts, drums, reels, necks, sleeves, rings etc.

  • length of the pieces: up to 3000mm
  • diameter for turning over the plate: up to 830mm
  • diameter for turning over the bed: up to 630mm
  • max diameter for turning over the slide: 430mm
  • weight of the processed pieces: 500kg

Our machinery includes big milling machines with horizontal and vertical drilling heed that allow for extended turning, drilling and milling of flat and grooved surfaces. Those machines allows us for machining of detail with maximum size of:

  • table size: 1900mm x 700mm
  • travel: X-1600mm, Y-800mm, Z-630mm
  • top weight of the pieces: 1400kg

As regards machining we also offer:

  • boring on milling machines
  • turning
  • milling
  • chipping

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Bjorn Kverneland

CEO/Owner Tritec Group AS

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Tritec Group AS
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