• Bjørn Kverneland

Drilling machine assembled on excavator!

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Tritec in close cooperation with our partner in Ukraine, Varant Agro Build are proud to have been given the opportunity to take part of realizing the 4530 XLR drilling machine for Qmatec Drilling!

Big red and black excavator on snow

Metal parts

We are proud to announce that Tritec take part of producing this special project 4530XLR. The combination of low cost and high accuracy is as always, a challenge to reach.

Big metal parts

By using the most modern techniques in streaming production and videoconference we have been able to work seamless together with factory located in Ukraine and customer located in Norway. Shows the new way of working due to Covit 19.

By reducing travelling Tritec take part in the green change. In addition to the environmental savings also cost and time is saved.




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