• Bjørn Kverneland

Global Cooperation during Covit 19.

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Safe lifting from scaffolding is a known challenge not only for offshore installations but also i shipyards and similar. In close cooperation with our customer Westech we have developed a unique device for lifting purpose. The device can easily be assembled into standard scaffolding and make sure the lifting operation is done safe.

The device is less than 25 Kg and easy to operate from one person. Due to unique competence in utilizing design and material quality we have been able to design capacity for lifting up to 4000 Kg in a safe way.

In our present situation with covit 19 we have been challenged to finalize this development project with staff in several locations both in Poland and Norway. By utilizing modern way of organizing people and using modern technology it has been able to perform this project seamless considering all necessary measures to prevent infections.

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