• Bjørn Kverneland

New wheel for hook containers

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Roller wheel illustration

Tritec is proud to announce new generation steel wheel rubber coated. The wheel makes operation of hook containers noiseless In addition the wheel is designed lubrication free. No need for maintenance.

The process of adding the rubber is made of a patented production process developed over several years. Makes the rubber very resistant to impact and wear.

Tritec believe this will be the new standard, special when handling containers in densely populated areas, the main advantages:

  1. Quiet operation when moving a container.

  2. Quiet operation on axles, thanks to the special lubrication

  3. No destruction of the substrate (brick, concrete, asphalt etc)

  4. Resistance to high and low temperatures

  5. Resistance to abrasion

  6. Resistance against chemical and oil agents.

  7. Durability for very heavy loads.

  8. Attractive prices.




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