• Bjørn Kverneland

Tritec enter strategic agreement with Variant Agro Build from Ukraine.

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Variant Agro Build

To be able to continue to compete on the marked of industrial products we have entered strategic agreement with Variant Agro Build from Ukraine.

VAB is a leading metal processing Company located in Ukraine which operates since 1995. It is a part of the production corporation of 11 enterprises involved in metalworking and machinery manufacturing.

The company has developed to be a turn key supplier of industrial products covering 3D engineering, CNC machining, welding , painting and shipment.

The management in VAB state; "Value, accuracy and benefit are three touchstones which underlie the philosophy of our company."

Together with Tritec 20 years’ experience working on east European countries we are sure this will give benefit for our customers.

We are looking forward for successful cooperation.

If you need any information do not hesitate to contact tlf +47 40404444 at any time.



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