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Since our founding in 2000, we’ve been at the forefront of all the latest products and techniques, offering a wide range of contracting services to handle our clients’ needs. From intensive project management to job oversight, we do it all for the most competitive rates on the market. Call us today for a free consultation.


Tritec Engineers are a group of enthusiast which are experienced in wide field of modern engineering. We are flexible and open minded for various challenges of present-day world. We use newest Inventor cad software and powerful hardware to meet increasingly higher contemporary market requirements. We design, produce and supply final products with full technical documentation to our customers. Our main specialization is offshore and maritime market especially various lifting devices but also we produce building equipment like handrails and balustrades. Visions and new ideas of our customers are introduce to  life!

Engineering Sketch

Offshore and maritime

We offer high quality fabrication for offshore and maritime business. Our service include. - Certificated welding black steel.- Certificated welding aluminium.- Machining. - Painting in acordance to Norsok and maritime stndards,   -Mechanical assembly.- Hydraulic assembly.- Testing

Big crane


We supply special offshore and maritime containers in accordance to customer need.

Trafo box and power bank container


We offer realization of products in accordance to your specification through our own production plants. Additionally, Tritec  supply production from a network of sub-suppliers in Poland.

Metal part


Based on 20 years of experience with the Polsih and baltic marked we have gained high compentence in suporting companies for outsourcing of production to central part of Europe.

Man Welding

No matter the size of the project, we’re here to make it happen.